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Did you know that…

hours per year is the time a person takes to leave the workplace and go for a snack


A vending machine on your site will save you money

seconds is the time it takes a vending machine to dispense a snack


Customers and visitors help themselves so you don't tie up your resources

Our services

We provide high quality vending machines of all different sizes to suit the site to deliver the products that you want, at a realistic price

Drinks only machines


Combo machines

Snacks only machines

Soft drinks, energy drinks, sugar-free drinks, water, juice

Potato chips, vege chips, chocolates, nuts, cookies, brownies, cheese & crackers, jerky, plus soft drinks, energy drinks, sugar-free drinks, water, juice

Potato chips, vege chips, chocolates, nuts, cookies, brownies, cheese & crackers, jerky


We are independent so we can provide any products side by side

Payment options

We can set up our machines to accept payment by cash, credit card, or Near Field Communication (NFC) such as Applepay and Androidpay






Vending machines really do save money

Productivity savings.
Vending machines can save $1000 per year per person per year. The average worker (earning say $50k) will spend 5-6 minutes going off to prepare a drink or a snack – twice a day. So the total lost time is around 40-50 hrs per year, per worker. But if there was a vending machine nearby the worker will have their snack in about 20 seconds!

Indirect savings.
With a vending machine handy, your customers and visitors can grab a drink or a snack and look after themselves. As a result you don’t have to allocate people to look after them, run to the grocery to buy stock, and tie up kitchen facilities.

Easy to manage.
We move it, monitor it, stock it, and clean it. You don’t have to do anything except provide a convenient place to put the machine and plug it in. Furthermore, the power consumption of a vending machine is about the same as a regular refrigerator.

Optimise your body clock.
We know that our body moves through high and low cycles throughout the day. So a quick snack to provide a boost of energy will get those performance levels back up in no time.

Payment systems.
Pay by coins, notes, credit cards, tap and go, or paywave. Or we can go straight to Applepay, Androidpay, and even phones and watches with NFC capability.

Product selection.
We are an independent vending machine operator we can source any product from any supplier. Consequently we have access all the major suppliers plus a few great lines from the smaller boutique producers.

Why us?
You may not think you need a vending machine, or you may just be looking for a change. Let us know so we can lead you through the process and provide some great service.

Do you have a sensitive or a secure site where you need to know the people coming and going are trustworthy and discreet? We have vending machines in some very unique places and our professional staff can pass any background or security check.

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Frequently asked questions

What will it cost me to get a machine?

Nothing. We take care of everything.

Is there any insurance?

Yes. We carry public and product liability insurance.

How often will the machine be filled?

The machine will be monitored and filled according to demand. Every week or every day if necessary.

What happens if the machine stops working?

Our staff will be on site as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. If the problem persists then the machine will be replaced at no cost to you.

What products will be available?

You tell us what you want. We will monitor the sales and adjust the product line to the fastest moving items at the best price possible.

How much power does a machine use?

About the same as a regular refrigerator.

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